Distanced-nnEMF Bluetooth Air Tube Earphones

Keep non-native radiation out of your ears and your device away from your body.


Distanced Bluetooth Receiver

Avoids having a radiation-emitting EMF receiver inside your skull.

Air Tube Technology

Tiny speaker pods send sound waves to your ears through hollow tubes.

Active Support Neck Band

Light, flexible connector tethers earbuds and prevents wire tug.

Isolated electric fields

Best of both worlds

Traditional wireless earphones keep your phone away from your body but place non-native radiation next to your brain.Traditional air tube earphones keep non-native radiation away from your brain but place your phone next to your body.Wavtubes Airflo+ combines the best of both, separating its hollow ear buds from the wireless receivers & speaker pods.


Convenient & Durable

Designed for life

Sport-ready ear hook and light, flexible air tube are safely connected to a comfortable Active Support Neck Band to prevent accidental drops.

Healthful Listening

Built for the mindful

The long-term health risks having wireless frequencies in close proximity to your skull and brain for extended periods of time are becoming increasingly understood, and the consequences could be severe.Moving the low-energy Bluetooth receiver from earbud to neckband improves the situation greatly, and allows your high-energy cellular device to be kept at an even greater distance than wired alternatives.(For more information, see FAQ below.)


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$79 $59

Includes Bluetooth 5.0 headset, micro-USB charging cable, and replaceable ear tips

  • 10 meter operating range

  • 200 hour standby time

  • 10 hour audio listening time (at 50% volume)

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Wait, are you saying in-ear Bluetooth earbuds are dangerous?

There is still no scientific consensus, but there is an increasing number of questions and concerns as more time has passed since the introduction of these devices in the marketplace.

  • Consider this 2012 Yale study that found hyperactivity and reduced memory in mice exposed to cellphone radiation in the womb, which is consistent with human epidemiological research showing a rise in behavioral disorders among children who were exposed to cellphones in the womb.

  • This recent research meta-analysis found that heavier cell phone use "significantly" increases tumor risk. This is consistent with a 2016 study that found "an association between the exposure of cellular phone use for more than 1 hour daily and parotid tumor was observed." This conclusion was based on a small sample size, but later confirmed via meta-analysis that included 37 articles and used three independent samples including 5087 subjects from retrospective case-control studies. ("cell phone use seems to be associated with greater odds [1.28, 95%- confidence interval 1.09 – 1.51] to develop salivary gland tumor.")

  • Parotid gland tumor development related to cell phone use has been documented in individuals as part of anecdotal support for the need for more research. In "My Cancer Story: Cell Phone Radiation And Parotid Gland Cancer (2021)" the author reports being "unaware of the risks and warnings of cell phone use" and "never knew that I was supposed to hold the phone so many inches away from my ear when talking. And NOT to hold the phone directly to your ear." (These warnings are indeed located in mandatory fine print disclaimer on cell phone packaging).

  • A 2011 study found "increased risk of brain, vestibular nerve and salivary gland tumors are associated with mobile phone use." along with increased risk of brain cancer, and concern for other cancers such as breast, testis, leukemia, and thyroid.

Wavtubes Airflo+ is for people who want to take some basic precautions based on this inconclusive debate, and choose not to take part in a large-scale societal experiment involving in-ear EMF-emitting devices.

If EMF is potentially harmful, shouldn't I just stick with old-fashioned wired earphones?

Traditional wired headphones are almost certainly an improvement, though the wires do conduct electromagnetic signals and carry low levels of EMF. Many people prefer something called "air tube" headphones, which isolate the electricity to the lower part of the cable and utilize tiny speaker pods to send sound up through hollow tubes into your ears. This means air tube earphones are mostly hollow, specifically the parts close to your skull and ear canal.The downside to wired or air tube earphones is that they are tethered to your device, and require it to be held close to your body. Cell phones and smartphones emit much stronger levels of EMF and are far more concerning, so it's more important to keep your device away from your body as much as possible.

Why would these Wavtubes make much difference? After all, they still use wireless Bluetooth technology.

The strength and impact of EMF follows the inverse square law. This means it has exponentially less impact on your body with each additional bit of distance. Tiny shifts make a big difference.Wavtubes Airflo+ are a compromise—a happy medium for people who want the benefits of air tubes (which keep EMF out of the ear canal and pressed against the skull) combined with Bluetooth (which apart from convenience also allow the more concerning cellular device to be kept out of pockets and farther away from the body)Simply shifting the far-weaker Bluetooth receiver from ear canal to neck strap improves the situation greatly. It also prevents the wireless signals from being passed through your skull and brain, which is required from traditional Bluetooth headphones to stay in sync and function properly.

We're surrounded by EMF all day—wifi, cell towers, radio—so isn't it a losing battle?

So far there is more evidence to suggest that our wireless handheld and listening devices, which are held extremely close to our faces and ears and brain, are more concerning than low-power background radiation and electromagnetic frequencies beamed across long distances.More importantly, much of the research points to duration as being a key factor. Consider this excerpt from a 2020 study: "significant evidence linking cellular phone use to increased tumor risk, especially among cell phone users with cumulative cell phone use of 1000 or more hours in their lifetime (which corresponds to about 17 min per day over 10 years)"Reducing the amount of time spent pressing wireless EMF-emitting devices against your skull could help, along with other basic precautions such as keeping your device out of your pocket for long periods of time, and turning on airplane mode if your device is kept next to you for the 6-8 hours you spend sleeping.

Does it have a microphone to use for making calls?

Yes, it does. However, the quality is not quite up to our standards and so we don't advertise it loudly. We built this headset primarily for podcast, audiobook, and music listening and wanted to keep the price reasonable. We are working on a variation that has improved microphone components for video conferencing and hands-free phone calls. Stay tuned!

I noticed this uses Micro-USB instead of USB-C. Why?

Unfortunately the manufacturer was not able to incorporate USB-C into the initial production run. Hopefully soon!

I just bought these—where are the instructions?

The operating instructions are printed on one side of the product box. The warranty is printed on the other side of the box. This was done to reduce the amount of unnecessary paper and printing required. Part of the core Wavtubes philosophy is: the less, the better.

Stay informed about EMF

Stay up-to-date on the latest research into non-native electromagnetic radiation and modern technology.

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